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We are part of the leaning lifestyle.
Located in Oakland, California.

The double cup symbolizes a certain heritage & tradition that must be adhered to, and we stick to that tradition by always double cupping--in regulation size. Because we know : If you're not double cupping, you're not doing it right!  

Whether your lean or drank or sizzurp etc. is pink, purple, or yellow, we don't judge. Doesn't matter if you use ice cubes, Sprite, Sierra Mist, or the knock off brand,  or whether you use Jolly Ranchers or gummy bears... or both! We just want you to lean like the Tower of Piza, and while you're leaning, lean with a Slomocup® in hand.

If those impostors try to come amongst your rank with artificial Slomocups® not in regulation size or cheap foam cups with labels printed on them; just ignore 'em. With our durable cups we are for the environmentally conscious sipper.

Our cups can be customized and drawn on too! Submit your best artwork on instagram or twitter - just be sure to #slomocup and tag us @slomocup.  We are always on the lookout for the best recipe or combination concoction that you've created, so share those too.

Good leanin'


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